Preserving Heritage


Savil is committed to

Restoring heritage properties, while preserving Intrinsic heritage

We combine our acute sense of history, in-depth knowledge of traditional building materials and techniques and uncompromising attention to detail as we reveal the ‘story’ of your heritage property.


We have worked with major clients to determine how best to restore their properties, in order to preserve their intrinsic heritage value, while allowing them to enjoy the comfort of modern conveniences. We deliver full design services or work as part of a design team, to finalise the restoration concept and building plan.

Working as part of a team with architects, engineers and conservators, we ensure that the built heritage of the area is identified, documented and restored to the highest standards.


Whether your restoration is designed exclusively by Savil Project’s or by a heritage conservation team, we offer professional construction services to execute the restoration plan. We specialise in delivering restoration and building contracts at both a fixed price for a defined scope of work as well as on an open book cost-plus basis to help meet your budget. We maintain a staff of skilled craftsmen – masons, carpenters and qualified trade personnel who are responsible for delivering much of the project. We engage sub-contractors, who understand our approach, to deliver the parts of the project with specific trade specialisations.


Savil Projects is focused on preserving the built heritage of Canberra. Keeping a staff of skilled trades people who are both versed in traditional building techniques and sensitive to the heritage aesthetic. We approach heritage restoration, preservation and construction with a view to honouring and upholding the building practices of the past, while leveraging contemporary methods as appropriate or necessary.

"Savil Projects has built a reputation as a company that highly values customer satisfaction and delivers it through effective partnering with all stakeholders to deliver a quality end product."

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