The Hotel Kurrajong – Major Loss Insurance Project


The Hotel Kurrajong

How SAVIL PROJECTS delivered appropriate remediation works to the roofing systems of a heritage listed, hail damaged building in the heart of Canberra.

Our Construction team work with you to manage and deliver major loss insurance works on your commercial and heritage-listed buildings. We work with all internal stakeholders, assessors, insurers, superintendents, quantity surveyors, architects, and designers to offer flexible options, such as implementing multiple stages of works on occupied, commercial construction sites with high-profile tenants, to ensure a smooth and hassle-free experience.

SAVIL PROJECTS were engaged to complete a variety of works, including such things as flashing details along walls, waterproofing window sills and skylights, laying new metal sheet roofing systems, fitting new wall cappings and rain spreader pipes. Savil Projects completed all works in an efficient and organised manner, with minimal costs and concern placed unto the client, public or staff of the heritage-listed building.

How SAVIL PROJECTS managed the construction with strong attention to detail, time and budget management.

This project may have taken considerable preparation, in working closely with the building consultant and the senior management of the building to work out precisely what works were expected of Savil Projects throughout the duration of this project, including the many quirks of a heritage-listed building. Utilizing our experienced team and attention to detail, the expected preparation time was cut down considerably and we quickly had a full list of works and a program drawn up to carry them out.

This outlined all necessary areas that required our attention, and in association with our dedicated team of contractors, we began works immediately. Within a month, we had successfully completed all of the work items, from measuring and delivery of materials, to the installation, inspection and signoff of the various works that we had completed.

The Hotel Kurrajong is an extremely popular hotel in the heart of Barton, within a few hundred metres of both New and Old Parliament House. Given the reputation and historic status of The Hotel Kurrajong, Savil Projects were focused on delivering quality results, with as little disruption to the public as possible.

As the building is a hotel, there are constantly people coming and going at all hours of the day. Given this situation, Savil Projects consistently stressed and managed the importance of public safety and the various challenges of working on a live site. This was particularly evident in managing noise levels, contractor behaviour and safe work practices above the several conference rooms, bars, restaurant and outdoor dining/lounge area directly underneath the most prominent roof working areas, so as not to disturb or distress the tenants, staff and members of the public below.

We have a considerable amount of experience and successfully completed projects on and around busy, live site buildings, therefore this was not an unexpected or difficult situation for Savil Projects to navigate by any means, implementing and maintaining an active and consistent channel of communication between us and all relevant parties and stakeholders, including daily progress reporting.

The Hotel Kurrajong is a listed Heritage building, designed by the Commonwealth Chief Architect of the time, John Smith Murdoch, who is also credited with designing Old Parliament House, which sits only a 700m walk away. Built initially in 1926, and brimming with Australian historical value, it was home to Prime Minister Ben Chifley during his term from 1945 to 1949. As this is the case, the building exacts particular care for maintenance and to achieve a quality result, including a ‘like for like’ system for replacing materials around various aspects of the building, many of which are not made commercially anymore and must be custom made. With our wide range of specialist contractors for all fields of work, Savil was able to obtain all necessary building materials at reasonable prices for our client.

The works were all carried out safely, efficiently, within the client’s tight budget and with a proficiency that sets Savil Projects into a league of their own when compared to other principal contractors, particularly in the specialised field of major loss insurance works for commercial and heritage listed buildings.

Savil Projects were able to deliver an innovative construction/roofing solution tailored specifically to the client's and stakeholders' needs.


Our clients, all relevant stakeholders, and all interested parties involved in the project appreciated the adherence to the planned schedule, high level of communication, and the efficiency with which the works were completed. The results of the finished product and the coordination and communication between internal stakeholders, assessors, insurers, and superintendents was the perfect outcome to this successful project.

Major loss insurance projects don’t have to be hard or stressful. Let our qualified construction team manage your next commercial project.

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