Rectifications of January 2020 Hailstorm


Rectifications of January 2020 Hailstorm

How Savil Projects delivered multiple rectification projects from the January 2020 hailstorm including initial consultancy to relevant stakeholders.

Our Construction team work with you to manage and deliver your commercial project. We work with internal stakeholders, architects, and designers to offer flexible options, such as staged commercial construction renovations/ refurbishments/ rectifications and new commercial builds. Your project doesn’t have to be complicated.

Savil Projects were engaged to complete rectification projects to the following buildings. Our clients required a timely and cost-effective construction solution that would facilitate the replacement of roofing and roofing components, various façade replacements, windows including textured stained glazing, mechanical units and components, various types of skylights and, all internals of the buildings that were damaged from the water ingress when the hailstorm occurred.

Saint Nicholas Greek Orthodox Church – Kingston

Replacement of 50-year-old terracotta roofing tiles, 4 large copper domes, textured stained glass windows, 2 oversized A/C condenser units, entire 12-meter-high ceiling replacement including all insulation replaced, all services in the ceiling inspected and replaced if moisture found inside.

Duration: 12 weeks

National Archives of Australia

Approximately 3000m2 of roof and roofing components replaced, including all perimeter cappings, re-pitch and replacement of all gutters.

Duration: 5 months

Hotel Kurrajong

Roof rectification and flashing works of approximately 435 lineal metres, including drainage and gutter works throughout.

Duration: 4 weeks

Saint Nicholas Greek Hall - Kingston

Make safe including removing dislodged roofing tiles, complete roof tarped and weight down, removal of all ceiling, insulation, flooring, joinery in kitchen and bathrooms, clearing out to bare shell. Later demolished the building and excavated the site in preparation for a new community hall to be built later in the future.

Duration: 4 weeks

BWS – Kingston

Complete roof replacement including all roofing components and mechanical systems, approximately 500m2.

Duration: 4 weeks

RSL Lifecare - Page

Widespread rectification order across 9 buildings including approximately 1000m2 roof rectification, skylight replacements, mechanical replacements, ceiling and wall replacements including insulation, services inside ceiling space, carpet and flooring replacements, painting and furniture replacements.

Duration: 12 weeks

Oatley Court – Belconnen

Approximately 1000m2 of roof and roofing components replaced, including perimeter cappings and gutters.

Duration: 2 weeks

Pharmacy Guild House – Barton

Complete roof replacement of approximately 2000m2 of roof replacement including entire roof and components, aluminium cladding panels (400m2), all mechanicals replace including all damaged internal ceilings.

Duration: 12 weeks

Barrandi Centre – City West

Complete roof replacement of approximately 2000m2 on 9 storey high building in the CBD, all roofing components and mechanical replaced, copper awning façade replaced and copper blade wall 50m high replaced.

Duration: 10 weeks

List of Consultancy Reports Savil Projects completed from the hailstorm:

  1. National Archives of Australia – Canberra
  2. Hotel Kurrajong – Canberra
  3. 5 x residential properties – Across ACT  
  4. Rudson Auto – Fyshwick  
  5. Canberra Tyre Service – Scullin  
  6. Saint John’s Russian Orthodox Church – Narrabundah  
  7. Powerkarts Raceway – Fyshwick  
  8. Church of Christ Scientist  
  9. 18-20 Franklin Street – Griffith  
  10. Go Troppo – Fyshwick  
  11. Saint Nicholas Greek Orthodox Church – Kingston  
  12. Saint Nicholas Greek Hall – Kingston  
  13. BWS – Kingston  
  14. RSL Lifecare – Page  
  15. Oatley Court – Belconnen  
  16. Pharmacy Guild House – Barton  
  17. Barrandi Centre – City West 

How Savil Projects managed the construction projects with strong attention to detail, time and budget management.

The projects required end-to-end project management and comprehensive construction/roofing works tailored to the stakeholder’s requirements.

All of the projects were conducted at live sites, allowing SAVIL PROJECTS to showcase its innovative solutions and exemplary customer service systems tailored to such sites. Although some run-of-the-mill construction companies may consider shutting the buildings down while the project is being completed or simply turning the project down, Savil specialises in continuing to work with building owners/tenants/building management and stakeholders to keep the building operational throughout the works. We do this by going above and beyond in safety management and documentation, high levels of communication and a constant eye on approach full-time while ensuring the quality and Australian Standards are met every part of the way.

Savil Projects were able to deliver an innovative construction/roofing solution tailored specifically to the clients’ and stakeholders’ needs.


Our clients, all relevant stakeholders, and all interested parties involved in the projects appreciated the adherence to the planned schedule, the high level of communication, and the efficiency in which the works were completed. The results of the completed product, and the coordination and communication were the perfect finish to these successful projects.

Construction projects don’t have to be hard or stressful. Let our qualified construction team manage your next commercial project.

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