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Canberra – Managing CBD Works

16 Marcus Clarke Street and 25 Garema Place

How SAVIL PROJECTS delivers effective and consistent results in challenging locations, with a multitude of obstacles, from high density populations and traffic management to difficult to reach locations and continuously functioning live site buildings.

Our Construction team, work with you to manage and deliver major loss insurance works on your commercial buildings. We work with all internal stakeholders, assessors, insurers, superintendents, quantity surveyors, architects, and designers to offer flexible options, such as implementing multiple stages of works on occupied, commercial construction sites with high profile tenants, to ensure a smooth and hassle-free experience.

16 Marcus Clarke Street

How SAVIL PROJECTS managed the construction with strong attention to detail, time and budget management.

SAVIL PROJECTS were engaged to complete a full roof replacement including copper blade walls and a copper awning facade that was severely damaged from the hailstorm that hit Canberra in early 2020. Conducted over a tight 10-week period, our clients required a timely and cost-effective construction solution that would facilitate the full replacement of the roof and roofing components at the occupied 9 story building in the CBD.

The commercial office building in the west of the CBD, and bordering the Australian National University, boasts a range of high-profile professional public and private tenants.

The project required end to end project management and comprehensive construction and roofing works tailored to the stakeholder’s requirements.

Within the later end of 2021, Canberra endured a territory wide lock down due to the response of the COVID-19 outbreak. Once the construction sector was approved to continue work within the tight health guidelines, Savil Projects commenced the roof replacement immediately at the address of 16 Marcus Clarke Street.

With the uncertainty of whether the construction industry would be shut down again with rising Covid-19 cases, we deployed a team of 20 workers on-site and extended our working hours to accelerate the program. We erected and dismantled scaffolding from the ground to the height of the roof and around the entrance awning roof, replaced all roofing and roofing components (approximately 2000m2), replaced the copper blade wall and copper fascia around the awning roof in the accelerated 10-week program with no disruptions to the blue-chip companies and government tenants.

2 Garema Place

How SAVIL PROJECTS managed the construction with strong attention to detail, time and safety requirements.

SAVIL PROJECTS were engaged by a commercial property owner to complete a full roof replacement including all capping works and flashing details, in order for the building owners to obtain insurance on their building, as efficiently as possible, as the roof was not up to the necessary standards. Our clients required that the works be as least invasive as possible to ensure the small business could continue to operate throughout the duration of the works.

During the period of 14 working days at the start of December, Savil Projects were able to organize all necessary approvals and plans, begin the set up for the works including scaffolding and signage, re-pitch the roof to achieve an appropriate fall, remove and dispose of the old roofing system, install the new 120m2 roofing system and appropriate supporting hardware and gutter systems, and clean up, pack down and removal of the site.

Over the course of these works, there were no issues regarding the comfort, access, or functionality of the business below. The area in question is an extremely busy part of the Canberra CBD, sitting in one of the most used walkways of the popular Garema place precinct, particularly so at that time of year, so close to Christmas within 100m of the largest shopping complex in Canberra. Given the popularity, foot traffic and high population density of the area, the challenge arises of public safety regarding the movement of large, potentially dangerous materials through a tight space, and onto a roof without the use of a crane due to the lack of appropriate space in which to set up safely and without major public disruption.

We successfully navigated and managed these issues, with mitigating any risk to the public, without sacrificing quality and efficient results, being in the forefront of our minds. This took form in working outside of standard operating hours to make use of the quiet times that were available to us, having extensive traffic management plans when necessary, and a strict management style.

Savil Projects are capable of delivering innovative construction solutions tailored specifically to the situations of clients and stakeholder’s given needs.


Our clients, all relevant stakeholders, and all interested parties involved in our projects appreciate the adherence to our planned schedules, high levels of communication, and the efficiency in which we complete our works. The results of our finished products, and the co-ordination and communication to maintain owner’s and tenant’s full access to their commercial buildings of any kind, and the capacity to proceed with their work as per normal, with no disruptions, make our guaranteed outcomes perfect for any successful project.

Major loss insurance projects don’t have to be hard or stressful. Let our qualified construction team manage your next commercial project.

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