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Savil Projects is one of Canberra’s most trusted construction company’s to the commercial sector, and is fast becoming the most reputable brand for major loss insurance works in the region.

Obtaining Projects: the Winning Formula

Successfully tendering for and winning projects is the key to getting work through the door. Or perhaps work is coming to you through word-of-mouth or repeat business. Whatever the case, obtaining and completing work should be a contractor’s top priority if he or she is hoping to run a successful business.

Software & Technology: Friends, not Foe!

It’s no secret that technology has changed the world and continues to do so. As contractors, we don’t have to be up to date with all the latest tech BUT we do need to be open-minded about what technology could be used to better run our businesses – and turn a blind eye to the programs that don’t.

One Key Document to Better Manage Your Most Precious Resource

In some of my previous articles I’ve discussed the importance of processes. This is because processes are a big part of a successful construction contracting business. In this article I’d like to look at how defining your policies and procedures in one key document will help you manage your biggest resource.

Labour: Your Bottom Line’s Greatest Resource

Becoming a great contractor – while a great goal to have – shouldn’t be your only goal. What we really want is to become great contractors, socially responsible contractors, as well as profitable contractors. Because without the latter we simply can’t keep the business going. So today, let’s look at how to get the best out of your greatest resource: labour.

An Industry of Change and Variables

You could say the construction industry sees even more change than the National Cabinet. In fact, the only thing that is somewhat predictable in this great industry of ours is that change will come and come again.

The Business Plan

As with all businesses, the importance of a solid business plan shouldn’t be overlooked. I understand that it’s been said before so many times, and this type of planning can seem unnecessary and boring, and they usually just end up in the bottom of a drawer somewhere.

Construction: A Risky Business

There’s no denying it – Construction is a risky business. And contracting in the construction industry might just be as risky as it gets. But don’t panic, you can identify and navigate the risks, and get into a better position for reaping the rewards of your hard work.

Construction: Supply & Demand 101

In the previous article, I wrote about the business side of contracting. For better or worse, these days contracting is more of a ‘business’ than ever before. In the old days, a tradesperson could lean heavily on the crutch of their craftsmanship and not concern themselves too much with the business side of things.

Construction: The Best Industry in Australia

What’s the best industry in Australia, and maybe the world? Is it information technology? is it retail? Is it the fashion industry? Or is it maybe artificial intelligence? or mining? Well, It’s a pretty bold claim, but I believe that the best industry in Australia, and possibly the World is the Construction Industry, hands down! 

The Business of Construction

Who put the contract in contractors? And what exactly does that have to do with building and construction? In the modern construction industry, business is the name of the game. With the era of ‘The Contract’ at an admin-loaded peak, how can up-&-coming contractors navigate the waters of construction management with ease… and with speed?

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